Protect Your Teeth From Halloween Candy

October 15, 2021

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A variety of Halloween candy

Halloween is a favorite holiday for both children and adults. However, the excess candy consumed following the 31st of October can be problematic. In addition to teaching your children the safety protocols for trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, it is important for you to also educate your child on the importance of preventing cavities and disease while enjoying their new treats!

Newington, CT area parents are encouraged to learn about the various tips and recommendations to keep Halloween candy from damaging their children’s smiles!

  • Brushing after eating treats. The first step in avoiding damage to the smile with Halloween candy is to ensure that children brush and floss their teeth after they consume sugars. Brushing removes the sugars that can stick onto the teeth and contribute to the development of cavities and disease. Children need to brush thoroughly, so now is a great time for parents to get on board with educating their children on proper brushing techniques.
  • Invest in a cool new toothbrush specifically for after-candy brushing. Most kids love shopping with their parents, and purchasing a toothbrush that gets them excited about brushing their teeth can help ensure children take care of their smile during the months following Halloween.
  • Have a plan for the consumption of candy. Before your child even goes trick-or-treating, develop a game plan as to how the Halloween candy will be handled. For example, tell your child that they can get one piece of candy a day in their packed lunch for school, or that they can have two treats after dinner and before brushing their teeth. This will ensure that children do not eat too much candy—which can not only impact their oral health, but can sometimes result in an unwanted tummy ache!
  • Send off the remaining candy. Consider sending off excess candy to the troops based overseas int eh military, or find a dental practice that offers a “candy buyback” where children can get money based on how many pounds of candy they turn in. Candy may also be donated to someone’s workplace for all the employees to share, or even to the local children’s hospital as a treat for children in treatment.

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