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General Dentistry


What is general dentistry?

At Cedar Mountain Dental, our dentists are dedicated to keeping your smile happy and healthy for a lifetime. That’s why we offer an array of general dentistry services and procedures to help prevent, diagnose, and treat dental diseases. From routine dental exams for preventative care and diagnosis to cosmetic and restorative dentistry for enhancing the health and appearance of your smile, our experienced dental staff provides complete dental care that helps our patients smile with confidence. General dentistry services and procedures may include:


When should I visit my general dentist?

General dentistry can help ensure and provide continued maintenance of your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures. It is recommended that you visit your general dentist at least once every six months. However, depending on the health of your teeth, you may require more or less visits. By regularly visiting your general dentist, your dentist can help prevent, identify, and treat tooth decay or other dental conditions.

If your dentist identifies any signs of severe decay, infection, or other high-level dental concerns, general dentistry can also include emergency services to help provide immediate treatment. Along with maintaining the overall health and functionality of your smile, general dentistry also includes restorative and cosmetic services, such as teeth whiteningveneersInvisaligndental bondingdental implantsdental crowns, and more.

Reasons that may require a visit to your general dentist include:


What does general dentistry involve?

General dentistry involves a wide range of treatments, services, and procedures. General dentistry can involve anything from routine teeth cleaning to tooth extractions.

Overall, a routine visit to the dentist often involves a complete dental exam and cleaning. During the exam portion, your dentist will use various handheld medical devices to assess your teeth and other surrounding structures within your mouth. For further assessment, X-rays can be taken. At Cedar Mountain Dental, we utilize the latest advancements in X-ray technology to help provide precise results and maximum patient comfort. During the cleaning portion of your exam, your dentist will use additional handheld medical devices to gently scrape away any buildup on the surfaces of each tooth as well as beneath your gumline.

At Cedar Mountain Dental, your comfort is our top priority. If you ever experience any pain during your dental visit, let your dentist know and they can slow down the procedure or offer options to help alleviate your pain or discomfort.


What are the benefits of general dentistry?

Because general dentistry involves a wide range of services, it also provides a wide range of benefits. Benefits of general dentistry include:

  • Improved and maintained dental health
  • Preventative care against tooth decay and other dental conditions
  • Cosmetic solutions to enhance the appearance of your smile
  • Emergency treatment of immediate dental concerns


If you are interested in general dentistry, visit Cedar Mountain Dental, our staff utilizes the latest state-of-the-art technology to prevent, diagnose, and treat dental conditions. With over 30 years of dental expertise, our knowledgeable and caring dental staff is committed to delivering high-quality patient care and creating meaningful patient relationships that last. To schedule your consultation call (860) 667-2600 or fill out the form on this page to schedule an appointment.

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