How Long Does It Take to Recover From Tooth Extraction?

February 6, 2021

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If a tooth is badly damaged from decay or trauma, and cannot be repaired, it may be important for patients to have the tooth extracted. While removing a permanent adult tooth is not the most desirable treatment, it is often necessary in certain situations. Patients who visit Cedar Mountain Dental and are afraid of the process of removal are encouraged to speak to our dentists about the extraction and what to expect.

Simple and surgical extractions

There are two ways in which a dentist may remove a natural tooth from the bone of the jaw. First is the simple extraction. This extraction is done for a tooth that is visible and has broken through the gumline. The simple extraction just requires local anesthetic to eliminate pain. The dentist then uses a special instrument to quickly wedge the tooth from the jawbone. The other option, known as a surgical extraction, is more invasive. This is best for a tooth that has not come through the gumline. It may be used to remove the third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” in early adulthood. Oftentimes, these teeth are impacted and stuck underneath the gumline and require removal.

What can I expect from recovery after an extraction?

The type of extraction performed by Drs. Zach Korwin and Gary Toubman will determine the amount of time needed for recovery. Healing occurs over time, and when patients have a simple extraction completed, they will experience less than a week needed for healing. Patients who had surgical extraction may require up to two weeks to recover. Patients should closely follow their dentist’s recommendations post-operative to ensure that they reduce their risk of infection, dry socket, and other complications that can result from this or other surgeries.

Do you require tooth extraction?

If you are in need of tooth removal and live in the area of Newington, CT, we welcome you to book an appointment with the team of Cedar Mountain Dental for an evaluation. Drs. Zach Korwin and Gary Toubman can assist new and existing patients with removal of one or more teeth with surgical or simple extraction. Call  today and schedule your visit at 112 Market Square.