How can I maintain a whiter smile at home

Teeth Whitening Newington CTNewington, CT area patients who are faced with dull or discolored teeth may be worried that there is no solution to bring back the beauty and brilliance their smile once had. The team of Cedar Mountain Dental is pleased to provide patients with options that are available to improve the smile’s appearance. When dullness and staining occur, patients are urged to speak with their dental team to discuss their options for brightening the smile.

Professional teeth whitening

One fast and effective way of brightening the smile is with the use of professional-grade teeth whitening systems. Cedar Mountain Dental offers a few solutions in terms of professional bleaching including at-home bleach systems, in-office bleaching, and over-the-counter whitening treatments such as strips, trays, and whitening pens. Professional options are best, as they have higher concentration of ingredients and are monitored by a professional to reduce the risk of sensitivity or burned gum tissue.

How can I keep my smile white at home?

There are ways in which our patients can keep their smile whiter just with home treatments. First and foremost, patients should pay attention to the foods and beverages they consume. Teas, coffees, and wine may stain the teeth over time. By brushing and flossing after consumption, patients can reduce the risk of developing discoloration on the natural teeth. Additionally, patients can keep their smile clean by removing anything that can harm the natural enamel with brushing and flossing. A whiter smile can also be achieved with routine visits and cleanings at Cedar Mountain Dental. The better patients take care of their smile, the more likely they are to enjoy a beautiful, whiter result.

Am I an option for professional whitening solutions?

Patients who have restorations, including porcelain veneers, dental crowns, and bridges, may not be considered viable candidate for professional whitening, as these restorations do not respond to the bleaching ingredients. However, patients with a healthy smile free from restorations are welcome to ask about their eligibility to complete professional bleaching treatments.

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