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How to Know If You Have a Tooth Infection

The professionals at Cedar Mountain Dental understand that sometimes dental problems creep up between routine visits. There are conditions that can arise which need immediate attention from a dental team. Drs. Zach Korwin and Gary Toubman of the Newington, CT area may encourage patients to schedule an appointment when they are showing the signs of problems, especially an infection of the tooth.

What are the signs of a tooth infection?

An infected tooth can become a much serious issue than when it starts, and with early detection and treatment, most patients are able to bring their smile back to health. The most common signs and symptoms that a tooth infection may be present include:

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it may be time to have a dentist evaluate you. If a tooth infection is left untreated, it can spread through the body. Once this happens, the infection will likely become more severe and more dangerous. The infection can become life-threatening if not addressed early enough. The symptoms of a spreading tooth infection include:

It is important to call a dentist or doctor if exhibiting these symptoms to get a proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible.

Are you exhibiting the signs of a tooth infection?

Now is the time to schedule an appointment with the team at Cedar Mountain Dental to discuss your oral health and wellness. Drs. Zach Korwin and Gary Toubman of Newington, CT can assist with an evaluation and treatment when problems arise. Call the office at (860) 667-2600 and visit at 112 Market Square.

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